Undergraduate Research Opportunities: UML students can participate in Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Collaborations (UROC) programs, undertaking an academic research project in collaboration with faculty mentors. The programs provide scholarly opportunities for students in all majors and across all academic levels. Our approach is to seek a good understanding of human language, to capture the essential features of the process in appropriate models, and to develop the necessary computational framework to make use of these models for effective language processing. We believe undergraduate students can play a significant role in all aspects of our research. If you are interested in a UROC position, please contact us at clu@cs.uml.edu and provide brief information about your expected graduation year, relevant classes you have completed and your grades, as well as information about your proficiency level in programming, if have you done a previous UROC, and why you are interested in a UROC in the CLU lab.

Graduate Student Opportunities: If you are applying to the UML's graduate program, then please read the admissions instructions and contact the CS graduate coordinators with any additional questions. Once you have been admitted to UML for graduate studies, please contact Hadi Amiri regarding opportunities to join the CLU lab.

Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunities: Not available at this time.